Wherever you are, or whatever the size of your business, you now face 
a wider range of choice than everbefore. Depending on the industry you are
working in, you can sourcematerials for:

1.Packaging industry:
  • Corrugated raw materials: Kraftliner, Testliner, Whitetopliner,Coated Whitetop liner, Fluting and Medium
  • Materials for Folding Cartons: Solid Bleached board (SBS), Folding Boxboard(FBB), Coated Kraftback (CKB), Whitelined Chipboard, Duplexboard, Triplex board, GC boards
  • Speciality papers: Label paper with or without wetstrength,
  • Releaseliner, tissue paper, grease proof paper and baking paper
  • Papers for sacks and bags: Sackraft paper, MG and MF papers

2. Publishing & Printing
  • Magazine Papers: Light Weight Coated (LWC), Super Calandered (SC)
  • Newsprint paper, telephone directory paper
  • Woodfree paper - coated and uncoated
  • Fine paper and Artpaper

3. Speciality Papers
  • Label paper - with or without wetstrength
  • Release liner
  • Tissue paper
  • Grease-proof paper and baking paper
regardless of their location or size.

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