Encouraging outlooks for select paper companies


The Finnish business daily, Kauppalehti, reported good news from international forestry companies on the 28th of February. The article foresees positive growth and high profitability. SCA exemplifies this with an average growth of 7.6% per year (2012-2016), and having average profit margin of 11.3%. Last year even succeeded their average, with a 11.9% profit margin.

The turnover of other selected companies (Holmen, International Paper, UPM, StoraEnso, MetsaGroup, Norske Skog, SCA and Sappi) dropped between 0.5% (UPM) and 8.9% (Norske Skog) p.a. during past five years.

During that period all companies were profitable; average profit margins ranged from Norske Skog’s 1.7% to more than ten percent in case of SCA, Holmen and IP. Profitability further improved in 2016, and all companies except Norske Skog had a profit margin of 8% or more.

Source: Kauppalehti

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